Keeping your heating appliances clean and tuned increases their energy efficiency and can save you up to 30% on your annual heating bill. Como is one of the only heating fuel suppliers in the region with an expert appliance service team on staff ready to serve you 24/7/365.

We specialize in tuning: furnaces, boilers, fireplaces and water heaters. For current pricing, call your local Como office for more details.

Download our Program PDF (Minnesota)

Download our Program PDF (Wisconsin)


Como’s 10-point heating system cleaning list

  1. Inspect/vacuum heat exchanger
  2. Lubricate motors/bearings
  3. Check/set fuel pressure
  4. Replace fuel filter (oil only)
  5. Replace nozzle (oil only)
  6. Adjust/clean burner(s)
  7. Inspect flue pipe/vacuum
  8. Check/adjust controls
  9. Check/set water pressure (boilers only)
  10. Check/drain expansion tank (boilers only)

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