Como's Level Pay Plan is simple. Call your local office and we'll calculate a fixed monthly payment for you based on your usage history. Then, you decide if you would like to be invoiced each month or have payments made automatically from your checking or savings account or your credit card. It's that easy!

With the Level Pay Plan, our customers enjoy these benefits:
  • No surprises - spread your annual heating heating costs out over 11 equal monthly payments*
  • No finance charges
  • A more convenient way to manage your household budget
* To reduce the chances of a large bill adjustment for the final month of the plan, Level Pay Plan payments may be modified during the heating season if temperatures and market conditions are significantly different than normal. During the 12th month of the plan, your account will be reviewed. If money is owed to Como, we will notify you at this time. If you are owed a credit, you can choose to roll this amount into the next budget period or receive a refund.

Please Note
  • To qualify, all outstanding balances must be paid in full
  • Once you begin, your Level Pay Plan will automatically renew each year until you notify us you wish to discontinue
  • Final month in the plan will be the settlement month*
  • Your fixed monthly amount does not include any service work performed on your appliances

Automatic Payment Plan
To make bill paying even easier, Como also offers an Automatic Payment Plan where monthly Level Pay Plan payments are made directly from your checking or savings account. These payments can also be made by credit or debit card automatically each month. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
For more information and to sign up, click here OR
Call your local Como office

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