If you ever have any questions about safety, we’re here to help. Please call your local Como office at any time with questions or concerns.

  • Propane has a specially added odorant to alert you that it is present. If you ever smell propane in your home, shut off your tank immediately and call your propane provider.
  • Know how to shut off your propane tank.
  • Do not try to judge if a leak is serious or not. Any leak is serious.
  • A propane detector is a great idea, especially in homes of individuals with an impaired sense of smell (the elderly, smokers, etc.).
  • Propane is heavier than air, and thus settles in low-level areas, such as basements. Be aware of this if you do not frequently enter your basement.
  • Fuel oil has a very pungent odor. If you smell it, contact your heating fuel provider immediately.
  • Visually inspect your heating fuel tank for rust spots or leaks.